Friday, June 04, 2010

Only so many people in the world.

I read somewhere that there were only 7 real people in the world, and that is why we always run into their twins. Tonight at one of the local bars this was proved true to me. Seems like every other person I saw was familiar to me. The only one that was missing has winter blue eyes. Guess it's not my scene any more.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Another reason to hate zealots (for me atleast)

I am under the firm belief that the world would be a better place if people could leave each other alone. If you don't agree with some one's point of view, leave them to it, and get on enjoying your life. Why spend all the time and effort trying to stomp out what you don't agree with?
Zealots are, to me, dangerous. People who thrive on a cause to the point it takes over their lives. The type of person that will use any means to quash those who don't agree with them.
The folks at "Crash the tea party" look to me to fit the Zealot bill. So instead of just disagreeing with the tea party folks, they seek to squash the opposing view. Not sure, but falsely acting on behalf of people seems kinda like fraud?
I hope the site is a joke, but a life time of dissapointment in humanity leads me to believe otherwise.

Thursday, April 08, 2010

If I only had a bat

"We'll leave these doors open so the ac will cool the whole area."
"You know that the units are not made for this and it will over tax them?"
"They're big units, they can handle it."
Sigh "Do what ya will, I warned you"

You can't cure stupid. Well technically you can, but they call it man slaughter now a days.

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Death and taxes, more taxes, and a few taxes more

So we have an unconstitutional Health care bill forced upon us, and now talk of a Value Added Tax on top of the taxes we already pay. They say this is to cut down the national debt. So on top of the 33% I already pay, I can now look forward to higher prices across the board. Didn't a scuffle with Britain about Taxation without representation happen a couple hundred years ago?

I have my own advice on how to do this. STOP SPENDING. Quit spending a trillion dollars here and a trillion dollars there.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Asea again

Been silent for awhile now, hope to change that. Stuck in a place that frankly bores me to tears has left me with not too much to say. Last night I watched the "debate" on health care insurance reform and it sparked off a touch of anger. Here is a body that is supposed to represent the will of the People, and took oaths to uphold the Constitution of the United States. Last night's vote threw both those concepts out in the street.

219 representatives, last night, chose to ignore the will of their constituents and serve the hubris of the President and Speaker of the House. The thing about choice is that the voters will have to choose who to vote for. To those who voted for this bill, remember one thing: "November is coming."

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Taxed again, taxed again jigiddy jig

I am a normal(ish) American. I wake up every morning, go to work, pay my bills, and basically try to make it though life. Every pay day comes around and I see about a third of my pay stripped from me (State tax, federal tax, Federal Medicare Employee Employment Tax, and Federal Old Age Disability Insurance Employee Employment Tax). Now with all the proposals that are coming up by the powers that be, I fear I will be losing more of my pay.

Between Cap and trade, universal health care, and now the talk of a gas tax hike to pay for roads (did we not just give almost a trillion dollars to pay for infrastructure repairs and to boost the economy?), I really don't see how I am going to have much of a pay check left (but with universal health care I probably won't be alive to worry about it).

Cap and trade makes it more costly for companies to do business, this will cause everything to cost more. When companies have a rise in costs they pass it on to the consumer. This will also shift jobs from the United States to countries that do not have such policies (China, India, and others have stated they will not participate in the plan). Less jobs and higher costs, but granted not a actual tax increase.

Universal health care looks like it will cost over 1.5 trillion. Where will the money for this come from? I keep hearing "we will raise taxes on the rich", eventually you will run out of "rich" people (or the definition of "rich" will continue to drop lower and lower). There is talk of a tax on soft drinks, higher taxes on tobacco, taxing employers, taxing employee health benefits, and punitive taxes for people who don't have employee health care and choose not to enroll in the government plan. I guess all the campaign promises of no new taxes if you make under 200000 were just empty promises. Having lived overseas I have seen how socialized medicine works. I have stood in line at hospitals waiting for a doctor. I have seen health care rationed out. It has not worked anywhere else, why would it work here? I have heard pundits quote articles and reports saying how well it works, I have seen with my own eyes that it does not.

Earlier in the year we (the tax payers) spent almost 1 trillion dollars (must be passed now, no time to read the 1300 pages) on a stimulus package. This was supposed to boost the economy and support infrastructure repairs (road and bridge repair ect). Where did the money go? It had to go somewhere if there is now a proposed tax hike on gas to repair road ways. More money out of my pay check.
I propose an audit.

Folks, my wallet is looking like it will be hurting soon. I imageine that other people's will as well. Personally I think any politicitian that votes for these actions should be replaced nexe election. This is not about Democrats and Republicans, this is about what is good for the people and for the country.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Scary Stuff

Right now there is a proposal, by the Customs and Boarder Protection (CBP) agency, to expand the definition of a "Switch blade" knife. This new definition is broad enough to encompass an estimated 80% of pocket knives currently in the United States (basically any knife that can be opened with one hand). This proposal was made a bit over 2 weeks ago, this shows how quietly it has been moving. So quietly the mandatory 30 days open for comments has almost expired (June 21st is the last day). On top of this only snail mail can be used to file a comment, no emails nor phone calls.

Folks this is pretty scary stuff. Quietly the laws are changed, and suddenly you can be charged with a federal weapons violation that you did not know you had committed (which, by the way would be a felony and take away your right to own a firearm). Think I am being an alarmist? I hope I am, but how quickly and quietly this is moving is quite disconcerting.

Here is a copy of the proposal as it stands now. Write you repersentatives, tell them that they should oppose this attack on the second amendment. If you wish to send in a comment to the CBP send it here:

U.S. Customs and Border Protection
Office of International Trade
Regulations and Rulings
Mint Annex
799 9th Street N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20229

Attn: Intellectual Property and Restricted Merchandise Branch


Remember the window for comments on the proposal ends June 21 (which is a Sunday so the actual effective end is June 20).

Thanks to for this heads up